Five Tips On How To Make Bath Time Fun And Safe For Your Child

There are infants who enjoy the feel of splashes of water, who enjoy taking a bath and eagerly anticipate this activity everyday. On the other hand, there are those who are horrified just at the sight of the tub, who are frightened to be dipped in the water.

Whichever your kid is, there are specific ways you can do to make sure that bath time is safe for your kid and fun for both of you.

Tip Number 1:

Talk with your kid gently while you bathe him. Generally, he will have an interest in what you say although he does not yet entirely understand you. Talking to him will also give him a guarantee that he’s safe and there’s absolutely nothing to be terrified of. State things like, “I’m now washing your hair with this sweet smelling shampoo!” or “Now it’s time for a rub-a-dub. Let’s go soap this cute little body of yours!”

Suggestion Number 2:

Sing to your kid or play great and enjoyable tunes while he takes a bath. Kids love music specifically those upbeat ones. As soon as he’s learned to associate these fun tunes and likewise your singing which he loves no matter if it’s out of tune or not with taking a bath, he’ll eventually like and delight in these baths.

Suggestion Number 3:

Give your kid bath toys to play with during his tub time. A squeaky toy like a rubber duckie or a bath puppet like Baby Einstein puppet would certainly keep your child captivated while you clean him from head to toe. This will reveal him that baths are not frightening however are likewise an enjoyable time to play.

Suggestion Number 4:

Use child-safe and resilient bath tubs. And always beware in handling your kid throughout baths. Remember, children are slippery when damp. It’s great if you have somebody to help you throughout the bath and assist you get hold of your child specifically if he’s the energetic kind who likes to subjugate and splash water on your face. It’s likewise clever to put the tub on top of a rubber mat to prevent the tub from slipping.

Idea Number 5:

Bathe your kid in lukewarm however not hot water. Adjust the temperature level of your hot water heater to 120 degrees Fahrenheit or 48.9 degrees Celsius. Water that is too hot may scald or burn your infant and water that is too cold may terrify him.

It’s essential that you encourage your kid to love taking a bath since this is a really vital part of personal hygiene and great grooming. Positive outlook on baths and good bathing routines are contributory to health.

Offer him toys that will prompt his imaginative imagination. Building blocks are perfect toys for this age, not just because it works to improve fine motor abilities but also motivate your kid to utilize his imagination to build. Stacking toys such as stackable cups and pails are also amazing for your kid and will also benefit the stimulation of his creativity.

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